The Tao Of Badass Review

In this The Tao of Badass review, we will be taking a closer look at the dating guide that teaches men how to move past their hang-ups with women and develop the type of confidence that women find so attractive. Have you ever noticed how some guys can effortlessly strike up conversations with beautiful women and have them laughing and flirting back within minutes? We have all wondered how they do it, and with this guide author Joshua Pellicer breaks it down to its most basic components.

The main idea proposed in the course is that most regular guys carry around a series of misconstrued beliefs that thwart their efforts to meet and connect with women. The first steps involve questioning these beliefs, identifying the false premises they are built on and replacing them with beliefs that are conducive to success. In other words, readers will learn how to acquire the mindset that natural “lady killers” use to scoop up women like peanuts at the bar.

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About the Author

Joshua Pellicer has been a dating coach and “pickup artist” for years. He has his own radio show during which he shares tips, tricks and techniques on seduction and dating. He has been featured on The Today Show and interviewed by the New York Times. Pellicer is committed to helping men reframe the pickup scenario and turn years of consistent failure into dating success. Breaking the ice is perhaps the most difficult aspect of “getting in” with a woman, so the focus of his work is on using creative techniques to perfect the approach and initiate an interesting conversation.

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Highlights of the Guide

The Tao of Badass PDF is full of insightful information, but there are a few components of the system that make it unique and effective. For one, the advice on how to give yourself a competitive advantage over other potential suitors in a social scenario is brilliant. Another noteworthy section of the course is on the Attraction System, which teaches men how to make the right impression in a one-on-one conversation with a woman. This is where all of the magic happens when two people discover they have chemistry, and the insight offered in the book is sheer genius.

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The Perfect Approach

The Tao of Badass is presented as a series of instructional videos. The content is fresh, smart and engaging, and holds the viewer’s interest much more than a book or PDF guide. It feels as if you are having a conversation with the author, which adds a personal touch to the material. It is also broken up into short sections that focus on specific aspects of the course. This makes it easily digestible and allows viewers to spend a few minutes at a time watching at their convenience.

If you can use a little help in the dating department, this course is a great place to start. It addresses the fundamental problems guys tend to have and offers practical, easy to implement solutions. The system is well thought out, based on real life experience and most importantly, it gets results.


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A Few Dating Tips for Men

There are plenty of single women out there looking for the right guy. So how can you become “that guy” when you meet the girl for you? Start by following the expert dating advice offered here.

Be the Best You Can Be

This may sound a bit corny, but you only get one chance to make a good first impression, so it is important that you put your best foot forward when you meet someone new. This goes for online interactions as well. If you are meeting her in person, make sure that you dress appropriately, smell good (but go easy on the cologne), and demonstrate an engaging personality. You want to be someone she is anxious to see again, so play the part! Be inquisitive, use your natural charms, and make sure to offer a compliment when the opportunity arises. Share important details about yourself, but let her take center stage during the conversation.

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Be Upfront About What You Are Looking For

A lot of guys waste months or even years of their lives dating women they are incompatible with all because they failed to express their own needs. Yes, you have to put forth some effort to make women happy, but that does not mean that your desires should take a back seat. Be clear about what you want in a partner, and disclose any major aspects of your life that your long-term partner will have to accept. You may chase off a few potential partners, but you will also ensure that when you do settle down, it is with the right girl.

Be a Standup Guy

You may think that being a jerk will score you points with women, but think again. Secure, confident men treat women with respect, behave politely, and above all, are honest with the women they date. Do not tell a woman you will call her if you are not interested in seeing her again. Man up and tell the truth. Moreover, show some chivalry when you are on a date. If you are not a doormat with low self-esteem, treating a woman with kindness will only be of benefit.

Get Advice from Female Friends

If you want to know what women really want, why not ask a woman? Bouncing ideas off of a close female friend will help you get a woman’s perspective on things. If you are not sure how to interpret the signs you are getting from a date, your female friend is the best person to ask. She will help you see things from the other side of the fence, and will help clear up any confusion you have about how to proceed or respond.

Build Your Confidence

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot fake confidence. You either have it or you do not. The more experience you have interacting with women, the more confident you will be when you are out on a date. The best way to practice: converse with women you are not interested in. This takes the pressure off and enhances your general social skills. It also allows you to practice being a witty, charming guy that women will enjoy talking to.

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Planning the Perfect First Date

She agreed to go out with you, so the hardest part is behind you. Now you just have to plan a first date that will sweep her off her feet. You want to get this right, so keep the following points in mind while you are deciding on the details.

Conversation is King

Choose a venue for your first date that will allow the two of you to converse openly. Yes, going to a movie or concert might be great fun, but you may not have the opportunity to really connect. This is especially important if your date is someone new in your life. You want to have the chance to share some details with each other and see if there is any romantic chemistry between you. This is much more difficult if you are someplace where you cannot have a conversation. If you do choose a venue like this, make sure to pair the activity with dinner or another activity that allows for some interaction.

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Plan Ahead

Make sure the details of your date are ironed out ahead of time so things go smoothly on the big night. If you plan to take her to dinner, make sure the restaurant you choose serves food that she likes. Find out about any dietary restrictions that you have to plan around. In addition, make sure you are clear about transportation. Are you picking her up, or will the two of you drive separately and meet? Do you need to have some cash for valet parking?

Choose a venue that allows for some intimacy, but not too much. A nice “Mom and Pap” place is a better choice than an expensive fine dining restaurant. Go out rather than inviting her over for dinner, as she will likely feel more comfortable in a public venue until she gets to know you better.

Dress for Success

Wear something nice for your date, but avoid going too dressy or overdoing it with the cologne. You want to feel comfortable while at the same time looking your best, so pick an outfit that is appropriate. Do not dress down too much, as this may communicate laziness or a lack of interest.

Listening Skills

Ask your date questions about herself, and make sure you are listening attentively while she answers. Try to get an interesting, back-and-forth dialogue going rather than having one of you doing all the talking. Look for areas of common interest and use them as conversation starters. Ask questions that express a genuine interest in what she thinks and feels, and interject when you find points of agreement.


A bit of healthy flirting can make all the difference on a first date. If you do not flirt at all, she will think you are not interested, but if you flirt too much, she will think you are only interested in a conquest. Be playful, cute, and complimentary with your flirting, and follow her lead to

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First Date Blunders to Avoid

Getting a first date with a woman you are interested in is great. However, you have just gotten your foot in the door. Now you have to make a good impression and charm her into your good graces. Many first dates go south because of silly mistakes which could have been avoided. Make sure you avoid the following blunders on your big date.

Showing up Late

You are trying to make a solid impression, so do not start off the night by being late. Leaving the poor girl sitting in a restaurant wondering if you are going to show is a pretty lousy start one you may not be able to recover from so plan a head and be on time. There are two sides to every coin, so do not make the opposite mistake of showing up an hour early and waiting like an anxious puppy. Women can smell desperation from a mile away, and the odor is quite unpleasant. Get there 5 to 10 minutes early so you can greet her warmly when she arrives.

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Dominating the Conversation

Your job on a first date is to share a few vital details about yourself and spend the rest of the evening attentively listening. Ask her about the things she seems most passionate about in life, and show genuine interest in her answers. Now, conversations do go both ways, so do not sit there like a dunce nodding your head all evening. Share relevant experiences and keep asking good questions. When you get a woman talking about the things she loves you are more likely to become one of them.

My Ex Used To…

We have all had past relationships, and there is a time and a place to discuss them with new love interests. However, the first date is definitely not that time. Keep the “ex talk” to an absolute minimum and focus on the two of you and what is happening now. If things go well you will undoubtedly share some details about your romantic history in the future, but for now the only woman you should be discussing is your date.
Keep the conversation on track by focusing the discussion on the present and the future. Sure, you can tell a story or two from the past, but try not to dwell there. You both want to know if the two of you have a possible future together, so talk about your plans and dreams to see if they are compatible.

The Overzealous Approach

You clearly want to impress your date but try not to make your attempts too obvious. Guys have a habit of getting over-enthusiastic and trying too hard, and the results are usually disappointing. If you are genuine, open, honest and considerate, your chances of sparking her interest are great. There is no need to be boastful, so just rely on your natural charms to pique her interest and save the bravado and tall tales for your drinking buddies. The same goes for flirting. A little is good, but try not to overdo it, as women tend to get turned off by overly aggressive behavior on a first date.

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